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BMW Art Car Photo Booth@ Art Basel Hong Kong 2015



Project: #15 | Jenny Holzer BMW Art Car Photo Booth @ Art Basel Hong Kong 2015

Role: Graphical and Software Programmer, Interactive Designer

Tools: Kinect Sensor, Openframeworks (C++)

Features: A photo booth to create 3D image forms with character of ‘B’,’M’,’W. Able to share through Facebook and Email.



IMG_7419 IMG_7422 IMG_7436 IMG_7438 IMG_7455photo-2015-03-17-16-14-42-068 photo-2015-03-12-20-53-34-800 photo-2015-03-15-16-03-36-578 photo-2015-03-15-18-07-55-268 photo-2015-03-15-21-44-30-978 photo-2015-03-16-18-10-19-400photo-2015-03-17-16-39-00-165